'Aching Loneliness of Life'
Wrinkles are supposed to be a depiction of experience; but now, they are just of loneliness.
A life without a purpose, a life without loved ones. An aching life to live alone.
I hide behind my culture, I hide behind my believes, I hide behind my loneliness.
I hide my good eye to hide out from the beautiful, yet the depressing world.  

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I am the lie

'I am the lie' - Pen Concept sketch

'I am the lie'
I hate them all-
I did everything for the people around! 
Who with their hatred and deceits knocked me down!

Now I sit here-
In front of Mirror of lies, cursing the world I lie down here alone 
Wait!...Not alone! There lies a shadow as dead as a stone.

Who are you?-
As he was falling into dark deceitful evil's hands his nose started to grow 
He extended his wooden hand for help then I knew this guy is no one else but a Pinocchio.

What did you do I asked? he told-
"I promised 'them' I will be there, I lied
I should have appeased them, but they cried”

“I was the dream for them, but I became their nightmare.
I gave my word for the safety, now no one's there for them to care.”

“I said I will be there for them, but I ran away.
I was the wise one to show them the right path, but I myself chose the wrong way.”

“Now I am dying and no one here to bereave
I had them once but not anymore..now it’s time to die, It’s time to leave."

YOU deserve this-
 You do mistakes! You are the one who betrays! you are the one who lies! 
You are cursed! You are the one with the long nose! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DESERVES TO DIE!

The goosebumps-
I myself too might be dying but I have the angel to take care of me 
My loved ones will be here soon by my side who are ‘my happiness key’.

But for some reason why  this Pinocchio’s face looks familiar, I don’t know
Oh, wait! Its the mirror which reflects the lies! But don’t understand he in it though?

Why these masked demons coming out of mirror? The one to be eaten is he!

The retrospection-   
Me! He is me! The reflection of my lies, my doings, and my betrayal
I am the Pinocchio, my reality is fake, and this face is just a veil.

I hated the people around for their deceit but I forgot one thing
The relationship I grew with them was based on lies, the sorrow, the lament sing.

How can I expect any good from them when the real culprit is inside
The souls above are the people I deceived, the demons around were ‘my happiness key ‘ with the masks on- the mask of deceit.

The angel seemed soothing me is actually the devil – my pain - my cry
The reason of wrong is me, the crook is me- I am the lie.

All I wish now is to take the Pinocchio out of me
Getting rid of it means getting rid of self- getting rid of me

I shut my eyes to see the last of possible, the last truth- no lie
The numbness came, It is time to say goodbye, It is time to die.

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